Christening Bracelets – The Guiding Touch of God

Packaging for Christening jewellery

A sample of packaging

Among our precious christening jewellery categories, the christening bracelets are most often present in our top selling product lists. And if you are wondering why, here is what we would like you to think about and take into consideration before choosing your christening gift:
Welcoming, Guidance and Promise
Baptism, as one of the most important christening events, is all about welcoming, guidance and promise. When a child is baptized, it is welcomed into the world of God’s children.

It is also an act of recognition from the Church that God will guide his actions on the righteous path of life. And last but not least, it is a promise made by the parents and all the family members, a promise to raise the child in a Christian way and encourage him or her to live a life of goodness and love.

Make It Memorable

If most of our actions involve using our hands, what better body part to wear a special and precious Christening jewel than the hand, respectively the wrist? It doesn’t seem to make much sense at first thought, does it? But just remember that every time your child uses his/her hands, whether to grab, to push or to hold something, he/she will see the bracelet you gave him/her.

So, christening bracelets are one of the best choices, simply because they always remain in sight, they become part of the child’s everyday life and a source of beautiful memories. Every turn of wrist will bring about the thought of you, of how thoughtful and inspired you were choosing that bracelet as a christening gift.

Christening Bracelets, Guidance for a Lifetime

Do not forget, an exquisite piece of jewellery, such as our christening bracelets, is a gift for a lifetime! And this does not only relate to the fact that jewels are made of durable and precious materials, but mostly to the idea that they are meaningful and they represent something unique and powerful.

Every time you offer a gift to someone important in your life, you try to find something that will last, that will remind that person how much he/she means to you, that will be worn with joy and appreciation for a long time.

The precious moment when you make the gift will always remain a vivid memory, a special occasion that will mark your relationship forever. Whether it is the baptism day or any other Christian event in your child’s life, the bracelet will always symbolize a new beginning – the beginning of a life guided by love of people, love of God and love of life. Every time your child lays his/her eyes on that bracelet, he/she is going to feel the love you wished to share.

Indeed, our christening bracelets are more than simple pieces of jewellery, they are metaphors of spiritual guidance and they are that touch of God on your precious child’s wrist, a wrist that will from now on carry the mark of a Christian way of living, thinking and acting.


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