Christening Earrings- Fairy Tales Come to Life in Your Baby Girl’s Ears

star shaped earrings

Sample of Christening earrings

In our entire collection of jewellery dedicated to this unique event, the christening earrings make maybe the most delicate and sensitive category, probably because they were conceived for precious and special baby girls.

What make them so delicate besides, the targeted customer, are the execution, respectively the materials and the motives used.

Gentle Touch

A delicate gift for a delicate person takes a delicate design and these jewels are a definition of that. Our designers made them tiny, which is perfectly fit for the tiny ears of that special baby girl in your life. Moreover, the fine and carefully executed cuts and shapes are like gentle caresses to her ears and add more sensitivity to our christening earrings.

Treasures for Treasures

The materials used are gold, silver and diamonds, all found in different combinations, so they create a symphony of sensitivity. Whether it is silver with diamonds earrings, gold with diamonds, or gold plated metal, each material is crafted with dedication and art into the gift that will mark the special moment in your beloved baby girl’s life and why not, your own life.

The diamonds used, although very small in size, are placed in the middle of the earrings, creating the wonderful image of small treasures that brighten up everything around them, just as your baby girl can brighten and fill your heart with joy.

Return to Innocence

These tiny drops of heaven come in different shapes, such as hearts, stars or butterflies, which are nothing but emphasis of sensitivity, love and innocence. All these are motives that can be found in most of the gifts targeted to girls, firstly because they lead your mind to that innocent sensitivity found in any fairytale and, secondly, because offering them as a gift becomes a promise you make to yourself and to that baby girl that her life, actions and dreams will be guided by the eternal light of love.

Precious But Not Pricey

What is also amazing about our christening earrings is that the prices are really affordable, although three very precious materials were used in the creation of our christening earrings.

These prices, ranging from 24 to 34 pounds, are one more reason to stop and wonder in front of this display of beauty and sensitivity and buy that special gift for your baby girl.

All these and so much more make christening earrings the perfect choice if you want to mark an important event in your baby girl’s life, such as the baptism day or other christening events meant to welcome the child into the world of God’s children.

But do not take our word for it, visit our online jewellery shop and buy today these beautiful and exquisite christening earrings and think of one thing only: what could be more godly than the touch of these heaven drops that will surely shine on your baby girls’ ears just as she shines in your life and lights up your days?


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