Christening Jewellery, a Drop of Heaven for a Blessed Moment

pendant and chain

Christening cross necklace

Our children’s jewellery shop was created out of a need to mark special and precious moments in your and your children’s lives and, as baptism is one of these important events, christening jewellery is one of the most relevant categories of our online shop. Whether you are a parent or a family member, if you want to make the baptism day special, let us help you with that!

Christening, the Blessing of a New Life

The act of Christening is mostly seen as a commitment made by the parents and members of the family, a promise to raise the child in a Christian way and to encourage him or her down the righteous path of life.

It is also the Church’s recognition that everyone receives God’s mercy and grace. Many believe that the baptism is meant to free the child of dark powers and bring him or her into the blessed world of God’s children.

Christening Jewellery, the Mark of a New Life

When it comes to the important days in our lives, we are often driven by that powerful need to stop the time and mark them somehow, so that we can always remember them.

Remembering the special events in our lives is often triggered by objects that bear a great meaning to us, such as photos, videos or special gifts. A christening jewellery item will be that precious little thing that will always represent a beginning and which, in time, will become a definition for the special moment christening is considered.

Of course, the child will not be able to remember that day, but the gift he/she received from you will always be full of meaning and will bear a lot of significance throughout their entire life.

The Design, a Metaphor for Love and Heaven

The christening jewellery we offer is designed using three main symbols: the cross, the heart and the star.

The cross is known to be one of the most powerful symbols for Christianity and it is often used for jewels because people need to feel God’s children and there is no better way to ensure this feeling on daily basis than wearing a precious silver or gold cross around your neck.

We can offer that to your child as well, so make him or her feel welcome into the world of God, by marking a special day like that of baptism, with this powerful symbol!

Packaging for Christening jewellery

A sample of packaging

The heart represents love, which, in this case, is more complex than ever because we are talking about God’s love for everyone, about your love for that special child in your life and about the child’s life which should be guided by the love for God.

And last, but not least, the star, because a new star was born and a star is nothing but a drop of heaven! So bring heaven into your child’s life with our star shaped earrings or necklace pendants bound to mark this special day of God’s welcoming the child into the world.

Christening Jewellery Categories

We have thought about everything, so you can choose from a variety of christening jewellery gifts grouped into the following categories:

  1. Christening Bangles
  2. Christening Bracelets
  3. Christening Earrings
  4. Christening Necklaces

1. The Christening Bangles

They are refined, simple and exquisite pieces of christening jewellery that can easily turn into the perfect gift for the baby about to be or recently baptized.

2. The Christening Bracelets

Mark this day, when the newborn is placed into the hands of God, with a special bracelet, a beautiful and meaningful Godly touch on the wrist of your child!

3. Christening Earrings

If angels are creatures of heaven, and that little new born girl is their closest image, let the comparison be even clearer buying these beautiful drops of heaven, the earrings that will mark her baptism day as special and will make your baby girl look like an angel herself!

4. Christening Necklaces

With pendants in shape of cross, hearts or stars, our christening necklaces are among the top christening jewellery sellers, as they are carefully designed and manufactured, being nothing but perfect examples of beauty and delicacy, meant to compliment the innocence of every child!

Silver and diamond pendant and chain

Silver and diamond pendant and chain

A gift is the word, heart and eye of the giver and a christening jewel as a gift is the strongest and most profound manifestation of this definition, due to the following three reasons:

  1. It is worth more than a hundred words of affection you could say, because the child will feel your love whenever he or she looks at your gift.
  2. It is a proof of love and affection, showing just how precious the child is to you and how precious the moment is.
  3. It is a way to beat time and its effects, to create your own spot in the heart of the newborn child and keep it.

When you think about jewels, you definitely think that the price is as “precious” as the product. Well, you will be surprised to discover the affordable prices for our christening jewellery, starting from only 23 pounds! So, yes, you have one more reason to become our most faithful customer!

Always remember one thing! Jewels are for a lifetime! This is why they are only considered when it comes to the special and close people in your life, who matter for you and for whom you matter. And what greater reward than the feeling you get when you see the surprise, the joy and the enchantment your gift triggers first for the parents, and, later on, for the baby!

So, what are you waiting for? You are just one click away from creating a miracle. The miracle of giving! Let us welcome the child you love into this world together, as he or she deserves and feel free to choose the one piece in our vast christening jewellery collection that celebrates love, joy and harmony in all their forms, in every shape, in every colour and in every cut!


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