Christening Bangles – More Than a Thousand Words!

silver bangle

Expandable Christening bangle

Many of our collections of jewellery are unique, all of them having their own charm, and our category of christening bangles makes no exception!


This type of jewellery is so beautiful and special because it is simple. The material mostly used is silver and it comes in different combinations: with diamonds, with butterflies, stars or hearts or simple, without any additions, but beautifully crafted and decorated.


Here you can also find baby identity bangles. They are definitely something special you may not have thought about so far, but you will not disregard from now on. And there are the alphabet christening bangles, another special subcategory, quite common among our customer’s choices.


The butterfly, cross, star or heart shaped pendants are tiny and cute and this adds to the simplicity and beauty of this type of jewels. These innocent and playful objects can also be directly placed on the bangles, creating an effect of simple and pure beauty.

Especially created for children

Because christening events can vary according to different religions, the children’s christening jewellery is not conceived for new-born babies only, but for children of all ages whose parents or relatives wish to mark their christening day with a unique gift. Our christening bangles are not just perfect, but also long term choices, because they are adjustable and they can be worn for years.

The symbols used are also powerful and meaningful for the christening event under discussion. All of them are delicate and relate to the love for God, or to God’s love for everyone, being suited for children of all ages.

The christening bangles are not only for girls. You can choose a simple plain silver bangle, a cross diamond bangle or a silver identity bangle for your little boy and it will look just as lovely, because simplicity suggests power and courage.

A Precious Gift That Comes Cheap

Our Christening bangles are not pricey, even if they are made of precious materials such as silver or diamonds, so there is no reason for you to worry that this gift will empty your pockets!

We have prices for any taste but also for any pocket or wallet. Moreover, you definitely have several choices to consider, because our christening bangles category includes over 20 items to offer!

So, no matter when the christening event takes place, you have everything it takes to make it memorable for you and for that beloved child in your life. Even if he or she will not remember this particular day, the precious bangle lying on his or her wrist will always tell a beautiful story, awake a lot of emotion and build a precious charge of memories and feelings neither of you will ever leave behind.

It is not just that these are our products, and we really treasure the results of our work, but customers all over the UK confess that they were impressed with the genuine and unexpectedly positive reaction our christening bangles received, worth more than a thousand words!


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