Christening Silver Jewellery – A Heaven of Precious Colours for your Beloved Child

sterling silver christening bangle

A Christening bangle

Christening or Baptism is a Christian rite of admission almost invariably with the use of water.

This is one of the most attractive categories in our online jewellery shop, because the christening silver jewellery is very complex and attractive.

Besides the fact that it consists of four subcategories (necklaces, earrings, bangles and bracelets, all made of silver) each category has a wide range of vivid, lively and playful jewellery items.

But let us take each category one by one and see how we can help you find that perfect gift for that special occasion such as a christening event.

Children’s Silver Necklaces

Step into our fairytale world of christening silver jewellery and relish the joy of buying a special christening gift for the beloved child in your life from our online shop!

Dedicated both to boys and girls, the pendants come in a variety of shapes, such as ballerinas, dragonflies, butterflies, ships, hearts, stars and also initials. All the necklaces, made of entirely of silver, are adjustable, perfect for children of any age.

The variety of innocent and fairytale symbols, together with the use of bright colours that create a very attractive, playful contrast with the precious bright white of the silver, are what make this category of christening jewellery a top choice for our regular customers.

Children’s Silver Earrings

These silver drops of music for the innocent ears of your child also make a perfect gift for any special christening event, because they are delicate, simple and come in various cute shapes, such as fish, lady-bugs or butterflies.

We can also offer you earrings with birthstones that could make an original gift because, as long as christening is about guidance and protection from God, a birthstone is something that really enforces that and gives your gift a special and more powerful meaning. And you do want your gift to be more meaningful than others, don’t you?

Children’s Silver Bangles

This category consists of items from many of our most famous brands, such as D for Diamonds, Kit Heath, Me to You or Scribble Jewellery, and they come in sizes both for small and teenage children.

The same contrast of silver and bright colours and the same choice of cute motives used in different combinations make this category one of the most attractive and suited as a gift for your children on a special christening event.

Children’s Silver Bracelets

Adjustable in sizes, this category of christening silver jewellery is also famous in our top selling list, because of the delicate design and use of tiny, cute shapes and objects. Check out our “Me to You” brand, which will definitely attract your attention and will get to your child’s heart in no time.

Whether your choice is a colourful pendant with a delicate necklace or a pair of tiny drops of heaven in shape of hearts or stars, our christening silver jewellery is meant to give joy, warmth and love, and create that harmony with God’s world, where you are welcoming your child on this special event called christening.


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