Christening Jewellery, a Drop of Heaven for a Blessed Moment

pendant and chain

Christening cross necklace

Our children’s jewellery shop was created out of a need to mark special and precious moments in your and your children’s lives and, as baptism is one of these important events, christening jewellery is one of the most relevant categories of our online shop. Whether you are a parent or a family member, if you want to make the baptism day special, let us help you with that!

Christening, the Blessing of a New Life

The act of Christening is mostly seen as a commitment made by the parents and members of the family, a promise to raise the child in a Christian way and to encourage him or her down the righteous path of life.

It is also the Church’s recognition that everyone receives God’s mercy and grace. Many believe that the baptism is meant to free the child of dark powers and bring him or her into the blessed world of God’s children.

Christening Jewellery, the Mark of a New Life

When it comes to the important days in our lives, we are often driven by that powerful need to stop the time and mark them somehow, so that we can always remember them.

Remembering the special events in our lives is often triggered by objects that bear a great meaning to us, such as photos, videos or special gifts. A christening jewellery item will be that precious little thing that will always represent a beginning and which, in time, will become a definition for the special moment christening is considered.

Of course, the child will not be able to remember that day, but the gift he/she received from you will always be full of meaning and will bear a lot of significance throughout their entire life.

The Design, a Metaphor for Love and Heaven

The christening jewellery we offer is designed using three main symbols: the cross, the heart and the star.

The cross is known to be one of the most powerful symbols for Christianity and it is often used for jewels because people need to feel God’s children and there is no better way to ensure this feeling on daily basis than wearing a precious silver or gold cross around your neck.

We can offer that to your child as well, so make him or her feel welcome into the world of God, by marking a special day like that of baptism, with this powerful symbol!

Packaging for Christening jewellery

A sample of packaging

The heart represents love, which, in this case, is more complex than ever because we are talking about God’s love for everyone, about your love for that special child in your life and about the child’s life which should be guided by the love for God.

And last, but not least, the star, because a new star was born and a star is nothing but a drop of heaven! So bring heaven into your child’s life with our star shaped earrings or necklace pendants bound to mark this special day of God’s welcoming the child into the world.

Christening Jewellery Categories

We have thought about everything, so you can choose from a variety of christening jewellery gifts grouped into the following categories:

  1. Christening Bangles
  2. Christening Bracelets
  3. Christening Earrings
  4. Christening Necklaces

1. The Christening Bangles

They are refined, simple and exquisite pieces of christening jewellery that can easily turn into the perfect gift for the baby about to be or recently baptized.

2. The Christening Bracelets

Mark this day, when the newborn is placed into the hands of God, with a special bracelet, a beautiful and meaningful Godly touch on the wrist of your child!

3. Christening Earrings

If angels are creatures of heaven, and that little new born girl is their closest image, let the comparison be even clearer buying these beautiful drops of heaven, the earrings that will mark her baptism day as special and will make your baby girl look like an angel herself!

4. Christening Necklaces

With pendants in shape of cross, hearts or stars, our christening necklaces are among the top christening jewellery sellers, as they are carefully designed and manufactured, being nothing but perfect examples of beauty and delicacy, meant to compliment the innocence of every child!

Silver and diamond pendant and chain

Silver and diamond pendant and chain

A gift is the word, heart and eye of the giver and a christening jewel as a gift is the strongest and most profound manifestation of this definition, due to the following three reasons:

  1. It is worth more than a hundred words of affection you could say, because the child will feel your love whenever he or she looks at your gift.
  2. It is a proof of love and affection, showing just how precious the child is to you and how precious the moment is.
  3. It is a way to beat time and its effects, to create your own spot in the heart of the newborn child and keep it.

When you think about jewels, you definitely think that the price is as “precious” as the product. Well, you will be surprised to discover the affordable prices for our christening jewellery, starting from only 23 pounds! So, yes, you have one more reason to become our most faithful customer!

Always remember one thing! Jewels are for a lifetime! This is why they are only considered when it comes to the special and close people in your life, who matter for you and for whom you matter. And what greater reward than the feeling you get when you see the surprise, the joy and the enchantment your gift triggers first for the parents, and, later on, for the baby!

So, what are you waiting for? You are just one click away from creating a miracle. The miracle of giving! Let us welcome the child you love into this world together, as he or she deserves and feel free to choose the one piece in our vast christening jewellery collection that celebrates love, joy and harmony in all their forms, in every shape, in every colour and in every cut!


Christening Gold Jewellery – Show Your Child He / She is Your Shining Star!

Gold cross

Christening cross pendant in gold

Among our wide range of gold jewels, nothing compares with the unique items in the collection of christening gold jewellery. You should be able to tell immediately what suits your child best, from the very first glance in our online jewellery shop. But let us guide you a bit through our collection and help you decide faster:

Gold, the Lord

When it comes to jewellery, gold is a superhero and customers around the world simply cannot resist its power and impressive shine. Its colour suits everything, giving a note of refinement to the entire wearer’s outfit and creating a special aura of power around it.

So, having all these features, gold becomes the perfect material for Christening events, because these events are one of the most important in a child’s life, symbolizing a new beginning, the child’s recognition as God’s son or daughter and the commitment to live a righteous life, guided by acts of love for people and for God.

Our christening gold jewellery items are made both of yellow and white gold, and our designers added a special distinct note to them through the small diamonds livening the pendants.

These diamonds enhance the elegancy of the jewels and give them a more personal look. They also render a note of uniqueness and the jewel itself becomes more precious in appearance and, of course, also in value and power.

“Cross Your Heart”

The pendants used for the christening gold jewellery come in shape of crosses or hearts and the gold necklaces, with their delicate and carefully executed design, can be adjusted so that they fit both small children and teenagers.

As far as the symbols used for the pendants are concerned, a cross and a heart are the best suited choices for a gift on a holy occasion as a christening event. Both of them are powerful symbols of the love of God and uniqueness, which is exactly what a christening event atmosphere should be filled with.

The Power of Gold

Apart from all these, a gold jewel is durable, so the memory or the power of that special event will be worn by that special child in your life for a long time, and you will always be connected to it.

And who wouldn’t want to be associated with moments of great emotion and meaning? You will definitely mean a lot to that child, and every time he or she feels the jewel touching his or her skin, he or she will think of you.

It is also worth mentioning that, even if the materials used are precious, the jewels do not cost a fortune and, in addition to that, our offer of christening gold jewellery is quite wide.

So take your time, have a look at our collection of christening gold jewellery, make a choice and buy now that special gift that will make you unique for that beloved child in your life, which is something definitely worth every penny!

Christening Bracelets – The Guiding Touch of God

Packaging for Christening jewellery

A sample of packaging

Among our precious christening jewellery categories, the christening bracelets are most often present in our top selling product lists. And if you are wondering why, here is what we would like you to think about and take into consideration before choosing your christening gift:
Welcoming, Guidance and Promise
Baptism, as one of the most important christening events, is all about welcoming, guidance and promise. When a child is baptized, it is welcomed into the world of God’s children.

It is also an act of recognition from the Church that God will guide his actions on the righteous path of life. And last but not least, it is a promise made by the parents and all the family members, a promise to raise the child in a Christian way and encourage him or her to live a life of goodness and love.

Make It Memorable

If most of our actions involve using our hands, what better body part to wear a special and precious Christening jewel than the hand, respectively the wrist? It doesn’t seem to make much sense at first thought, does it? But just remember that every time your child uses his/her hands, whether to grab, to push or to hold something, he/she will see the bracelet you gave him/her.

So, christening bracelets are one of the best choices, simply because they always remain in sight, they become part of the child’s everyday life and a source of beautiful memories. Every turn of wrist will bring about the thought of you, of how thoughtful and inspired you were choosing that bracelet as a christening gift.

Christening Bracelets, Guidance for a Lifetime

Do not forget, an exquisite piece of jewellery, such as our christening bracelets, is a gift for a lifetime! And this does not only relate to the fact that jewels are made of durable and precious materials, but mostly to the idea that they are meaningful and they represent something unique and powerful.

Every time you offer a gift to someone important in your life, you try to find something that will last, that will remind that person how much he/she means to you, that will be worn with joy and appreciation for a long time.

The precious moment when you make the gift will always remain a vivid memory, a special occasion that will mark your relationship forever. Whether it is the baptism day or any other Christian event in your child’s life, the bracelet will always symbolize a new beginning – the beginning of a life guided by love of people, love of God and love of life. Every time your child lays his/her eyes on that bracelet, he/she is going to feel the love you wished to share.

Indeed, our christening bracelets are more than simple pieces of jewellery, they are metaphors of spiritual guidance and they are that touch of God on your precious child’s wrist, a wrist that will from now on carry the mark of a Christian way of living, thinking and acting.

Christening Earrings- Fairy Tales Come to Life in Your Baby Girl’s Ears

star shaped earrings

Sample of Christening earrings

In our entire collection of jewellery dedicated to this unique event, the christening earrings make maybe the most delicate and sensitive category, probably because they were conceived for precious and special baby girls.

What make them so delicate besides, the targeted customer, are the execution, respectively the materials and the motives used.

Gentle Touch

A delicate gift for a delicate person takes a delicate design and these jewels are a definition of that. Our designers made them tiny, which is perfectly fit for the tiny ears of that special baby girl in your life. Moreover, the fine and carefully executed cuts and shapes are like gentle caresses to her ears and add more sensitivity to our christening earrings.

Treasures for Treasures

The materials used are gold, silver and diamonds, all found in different combinations, so they create a symphony of sensitivity. Whether it is silver with diamonds earrings, gold with diamonds, or gold plated metal, each material is crafted with dedication and art into the gift that will mark the special moment in your beloved baby girl’s life and why not, your own life.

The diamonds used, although very small in size, are placed in the middle of the earrings, creating the wonderful image of small treasures that brighten up everything around them, just as your baby girl can brighten and fill your heart with joy.

Return to Innocence

These tiny drops of heaven come in different shapes, such as hearts, stars or butterflies, which are nothing but emphasis of sensitivity, love and innocence. All these are motives that can be found in most of the gifts targeted to girls, firstly because they lead your mind to that innocent sensitivity found in any fairytale and, secondly, because offering them as a gift becomes a promise you make to yourself and to that baby girl that her life, actions and dreams will be guided by the eternal light of love.

Precious But Not Pricey

What is also amazing about our christening earrings is that the prices are really affordable, although three very precious materials were used in the creation of our christening earrings.

These prices, ranging from 24 to 34 pounds, are one more reason to stop and wonder in front of this display of beauty and sensitivity and buy that special gift for your baby girl.

All these and so much more make christening earrings the perfect choice if you want to mark an important event in your baby girl’s life, such as the baptism day or other christening events meant to welcome the child into the world of God’s children.

But do not take our word for it, visit our online jewellery shop and buy today these beautiful and exquisite christening earrings and think of one thing only: what could be more godly than the touch of these heaven drops that will surely shine on your baby girls’ ears just as she shines in your life and lights up your days?

Christening Necklaces – A Piece of Heaven for the Little Angel in Your Life!

pendant and chain

Christening cross necklace

Our collection of christening necklaces is the place where you will definitely find that special something that will mark an important christening event in your beloved child’s life.

Whether it is the baptism day or another christening occasion, this gift will bear a special meaning for a life time! If you want your christening gift to be more than a simple gift for that special delicate creature in your life, then we recommend our silver or gold pendants which come with adjustable necklaces, being thus suited both for small babies and teenagers.

Why Christening Necklaces?

Although this complex category comes with different materials, shapes and combinations of colours, the gold and silver necklaces are probably best suited for such an occasion as a christening event because they are simpler, more delicate and more representative than the others children’s jewellery items.

And do not think that only because we talk about gold, silver or diamonds, you will have to spend a fortune for this gift! We are here to help you, so our prices are affordable and accessible to anyone, which is what also makes our necklaces first-class.

Simple Is Beautiful

Our designers did once more a wonderful job with these christening necklaces, because they succeeded in creating the perfect combination of simple lines and cuts with the simple, yet precious brightness of the gold and silver.

The use of diamonds is beyond any doubt another smart move, as they create that feeling of uniqueness which you definitely have for the special child in your life!

D for Diamonds and Delicacy

The use of precious, top choice materials for jewellery, such as silver, gold and diamonds is the first thing that makes these christening necklaces so delicate. But this feature is also given by the careful execution, elegant lines and wisely chosen objects for pendants, such as crosses, stars or hearts.

The Touch of God

The symbols used for the pendants are representative as well. Because a christening event is about welcoming a child into the world of God and ensuring divine protection and guidance for the rest of his or her life, there are no symbols more appropriate than the cross, the heart and the star.

They all relate to love, faith and uniqueness. Every child is unique and every child is a child of God, who will love and protect him or her every step of the way, just like you will.

So, haven’t you made up your mind yet? Take your time and visit our online children’s jewellery! We are here to help you find that perfect gift for the coming special occasion.

Do not worry that the day is close by, because you have to search no more. All you need to do is choose! And we have a lot to offer! Mark that special day with this remarkable symbol of Godly protection and buy now, from our online shop, one of our refined christening necklaces, a gift from heaven for a heavenly creature!

Christening Bangles – More Than a Thousand Words!

silver bangle

Expandable Christening bangle

Many of our collections of jewellery are unique, all of them having their own charm, and our category of christening bangles makes no exception!


This type of jewellery is so beautiful and special because it is simple. The material mostly used is silver and it comes in different combinations: with diamonds, with butterflies, stars or hearts or simple, without any additions, but beautifully crafted and decorated.


Here you can also find baby identity bangles. They are definitely something special you may not have thought about so far, but you will not disregard from now on. And there are the alphabet christening bangles, another special subcategory, quite common among our customer’s choices.


The butterfly, cross, star or heart shaped pendants are tiny and cute and this adds to the simplicity and beauty of this type of jewels. These innocent and playful objects can also be directly placed on the bangles, creating an effect of simple and pure beauty.

Especially created for children

Because christening events can vary according to different religions, the children’s christening jewellery is not conceived for new-born babies only, but for children of all ages whose parents or relatives wish to mark their christening day with a unique gift. Our christening bangles are not just perfect, but also long term choices, because they are adjustable and they can be worn for years.

The symbols used are also powerful and meaningful for the christening event under discussion. All of them are delicate and relate to the love for God, or to God’s love for everyone, being suited for children of all ages.

The christening bangles are not only for girls. You can choose a simple plain silver bangle, a cross diamond bangle or a silver identity bangle for your little boy and it will look just as lovely, because simplicity suggests power and courage.

A Precious Gift That Comes Cheap

Our Christening bangles are not pricey, even if they are made of precious materials such as silver or diamonds, so there is no reason for you to worry that this gift will empty your pockets!

We have prices for any taste but also for any pocket or wallet. Moreover, you definitely have several choices to consider, because our christening bangles category includes over 20 items to offer!

So, no matter when the christening event takes place, you have everything it takes to make it memorable for you and for that beloved child in your life. Even if he or she will not remember this particular day, the precious bangle lying on his or her wrist will always tell a beautiful story, awake a lot of emotion and build a precious charge of memories and feelings neither of you will ever leave behind.

It is not just that these are our products, and we really treasure the results of our work, but customers all over the UK confess that they were impressed with the genuine and unexpectedly positive reaction our christening bangles received, worth more than a thousand words!

Christening Silver Jewellery – A Heaven of Precious Colours for your Beloved Child

sterling silver christening bangle

A Christening bangle

Christening or Baptism is a Christian rite of admission almost invariably with the use of water.

This is one of the most attractive categories in our online jewellery shop, because the christening silver jewellery is very complex and attractive.

Besides the fact that it consists of four subcategories (necklaces, earrings, bangles and bracelets, all made of silver) each category has a wide range of vivid, lively and playful jewellery items.

But let us take each category one by one and see how we can help you find that perfect gift for that special occasion such as a christening event.

Children’s Silver Necklaces

Step into our fairytale world of christening silver jewellery and relish the joy of buying a special christening gift for the beloved child in your life from our online shop!

Dedicated both to boys and girls, the pendants come in a variety of shapes, such as ballerinas, dragonflies, butterflies, ships, hearts, stars and also initials. All the necklaces, made of entirely of silver, are adjustable, perfect for children of any age.

The variety of innocent and fairytale symbols, together with the use of bright colours that create a very attractive, playful contrast with the precious bright white of the silver, are what make this category of christening jewellery a top choice for our regular customers.

Children’s Silver Earrings

These silver drops of music for the innocent ears of your child also make a perfect gift for any special christening event, because they are delicate, simple and come in various cute shapes, such as fish, lady-bugs or butterflies.

We can also offer you earrings with birthstones that could make an original gift because, as long as christening is about guidance and protection from God, a birthstone is something that really enforces that and gives your gift a special and more powerful meaning. And you do want your gift to be more meaningful than others, don’t you?

Children’s Silver Bangles

This category consists of items from many of our most famous brands, such as D for Diamonds, Kit Heath, Me to You or Scribble Jewellery, and they come in sizes both for small and teenage children.

The same contrast of silver and bright colours and the same choice of cute motives used in different combinations make this category one of the most attractive and suited as a gift for your children on a special christening event.

Children’s Silver Bracelets

Adjustable in sizes, this category of christening silver jewellery is also famous in our top selling list, because of the delicate design and use of tiny, cute shapes and objects. Check out our “Me to You” brand, which will definitely attract your attention and will get to your child’s heart in no time.

Whether your choice is a colourful pendant with a delicate necklace or a pair of tiny drops of heaven in shape of hearts or stars, our christening silver jewellery is meant to give joy, warmth and love, and create that harmony with God’s world, where you are welcoming your child on this special event called christening.